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Russian Railroads: German Railroads (Inglés) Ampliar

Russian Railroads: German Railroads (Inglés)

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Russian Railroads

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Russian Railroads: German Railroads is the first expansion for Russian Railroads and requires the base game to play. This expansion consists of three different, independent modules:

1) Germany game board

A brand new game board with new routes and, consequently, completely new opportunities and strategies to follow. For example, the distances are not fixed, which means that all options are open and not equal to vary the flow compared to the standard game.

2) Coal age

This module breaks up familiar strategies through the addition of a coal resource. Coal can be used to improve locomotives and factories, or it can also be used in foundries. These new foundries bring in a decent income when they are fired with coal. Alternatively, coal may also enhance a locomotive or the effect of a factory, if used as a heat source.

3) Single ticket

This module is a solo version, which features a dummy opponent that occupies different spots and tries to stop the player from achieving high scoring.


Componentes de juego:

  • 1 detailed rulebook
  • Germany module
  • 4 Germany player boards (in player colors)
  • 18 railroad extensions (6 of 2/3/4 track extensions)
  • 8 oval income tokens
  • 1 industry marker
  • Coal module
  • 1 coal board
  • 12 foundries
  • 25 coal wagons (tokens)
  • 1 starting bonus card
  • Solo variant
  • 17 Emil deck cards for solo play
  • 2 blockades
  • New components
  • 5 engineers
  • 8 ? tokens (4 of 2 different tokens)
  • 2 ? cards
  • 1 factory
  • 1 revaluation token
  • Card_Sleeves:
  • Mini European (44 x 68mm) for 20 cards



Fabricante: Z-Man Games        Fecha de lanzamiento: Abril de 2016

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