Argent: The Consortium - 2nd Edition (Inglés)

A partir de 10 años

60 - 150 minutos aprox.

2 - 5 jugadores



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The time has come for the selection of a new Chancellor at Argent University of Magic, and you are among the likely candidates for the job. Gather your apprentices, ready your spellbook, and build your influence, while secretly discovering and competing over the votes of a limited Consortium of influential board members. Only the one who is able to fulfill the most criteria will be claim the title of most influential mage in the World of Indines!

Argent: The Consortium is a cutthroat worker-placement/engine-building game of manipulation and secrecy in which the criteria for victory are secret and the capabilities of your opponents are constantly changing. You'll need to outwit the other candidates, use your spells at the right moment, and choose the correct apprentices to manage your plan.

Argent: The Consortium is a European-style game that minimizes luck and focuses on player interaction and strong core mechanisms that allow new strategies to emerge each time you play.



  • 6 Player boards (2 sided)
  • 15 University tiles (2 sided)
  • 133 Cards
  • 30 Spell cards
  • 6 Starting Spells
  • 19 Voter cards
  • 35 Vault cards
  • 32 Supporter cards
  • 6 Round tracker cards
  • 5 Bell tower cards
  • 30 Intelligence/Wisdom tokens
  • 50 Mana tokens
  • 40 Gold tokens
  • 1 First player token
  • 5 Room lock tokens
  • 20 Merit badge tokens
  • 42 Loyalty badge tokens (7 each color)
  • 30 Mage pawns (5 each color)
  • 60 Knowledge cubes (10 each color)
  • 6 Influence trackers (1 each color)
  • 5 Mage power reference cards
  • Rulebook



Fabricante: Level 99 Games        Fecha de lanzamiento: 18-03-2018


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