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Cult Following: Not Safe For Worship

A partir de 18 años

10 - 20 minutos aprox.

3 - 8 jugadores


Cult Following

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Cult Following: Not Safe For Worship is an expansion for Cult Following: The One True Game. This expansion includes 58 question cards and 17 sign cards that work well with adult themed cults. Mix these cards in with the base game, or keep them separate to allow players the choice of regular or NSFW cards.

New Questions: “Tell me your cult’s most shocking secret”; “Will joining your cult improve my sex life?”; “Are you seeing anyone right now?”

New Signs: Sausage parties; Our hands are tied;Technically, it’s legal

While NSFW is for players 18+, you may find that most cards can be played with anyone. Feel free to include some when playing with younger players as appropriate - only you will get the joke.



Fabricante: Bravely Told Games        Fecha de lanzamiento: 08/02/2019


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