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Layers (Inglés)

A partir de 7 años

30 minutos aprox.

2 - 4 jugadores



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Layers is a pattern-matching game that requires players to turn, flip, and overlap a set of five layers to complete the pattern shown on a mission card. The faster you complete the pattern, the higher your score will be.

With a variety of levels, you can try to match different patterns on the mission cards using 3 layers up to 5 layers. Each layer has an unique shape and the colors are different in the front and back, so you must be careful as you overlap different layers into one pattern. Complete the pattern quicker than the others to gain more points and win the game!

A new game designed by Dave Choi and Yohan Goh, the designers of Battle Fold and Fold-it, presents an unique style of puzzle-solving game with colorful patterns that will make you feel like an artist.



  • 4 sets of 5 layers
  • 55 mission cards
  • 4 Order tiles
  • 1 one-minute sand timer
  • 12 Round tiles
  • 1 set of point tokens
  • 1 Game Rules



Fabricante: Ludicorn        Fecha de lanzamiento: 11/03/2019


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