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Android Netrunner LCG: Overdrive Draft Starter (Inglés)

A partir de 14 años

30 - 60 minutos aprox.

2 jugadores



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Overdrive is the second draft set for Android: Netrunner Draft Play. Each deck is built randomly from a pool of 194 cards, selected from a broad network of Android: Netrunner products - the Android: Netrunner Core Set, the Creation and Control deluxe expansion, the Honor and Profit deluxe expansion, and the first three cycles of Data Packs, including no fewer than forty-three cards drawn from the Lunar Cycle, which players will be able to add to their rigs or HQ before they re even released in Data Packs!

To play a game of Android: Netrunner in this alternative draft format, a player will need one each of three separate packs:

- One Draft Starter: These 11 cards and 2 IDs provide a fixed core of essential cards for both Corp and Runner.

- One Corporation Draft Pack: A selection of 40 randomized Corp cards.

- One Runner Draft Pack: A selection of 40 randomized Runner cards.

The Corporation and Runner Draft Packs contain cards drawn from a pool of Android: Netrunner cards, including a selection of cards pulled early from the upcoming Lunar Cycle.

- The Overdrive card pool introduces a markedly different experience than that associated with the Cyber War draft set

- Draft play allows players to experience the excitement of a random draft without abandoning the transparency

of the Living Card Game® format; it does not replace the core LCG model

- All draft cards are clearly identified, and all cards from Draft Starters are clearly distinguished from the rest

of the draft pool so they can be reused in multiple drafts

- Excepting a very few "draft only" cards, all draft cards appear in normal LCG products



Fabricante: Fantasy Flight        Fecha de lanzamiento: Junio de 2014


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