Essen: The Game

A partir de 8 años

75 minutos aprox.

De 2 a 5 jugadores



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ESSEN the Game is a strategy game where each player is a visitor at the International Game Fair of Essen.

With your wishlist, face the crowd and make your way to the stands of your favorite publishers. However, beware that games availability is limited. To achieve your goals, you have to manage your budget and encumbering. The number of games that you carry will reduce your moves in the fair. You will need to come back to the parking lot to store your purchases in your car before getting back to the fair in search of that special game.

ESSEN The Game is the opportunity to live or relive a crazy day in the Kingdom of Games!


Componentes de juego:

  • 1 board
  • 1 multi-language rulebook
  • 5 individual player trunks
  • 60 wish list cards
  • 60 game tiles
  • 18 ranking cards (9 morning, 9 afternoon)
  • 5 tickets (1 press ticket, 4 entrance admission tickets)
  • 5 last turn tiles
  • 14 event markers
  • 5 scoring tokens
  • 10 meeples
  • 2 crowd tokens
  • 4 popularity markers
  • 1 first player token
  • euro banknotes



Fabricante: Geek Attitude Games        Fecha de lanzamiento: 2014


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