H.G. Wells: The War of the Worlds Illustrated


Cartoné. 276 pág. Color.

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Often referred to as the ‘father of science fiction’, H.G. Wells’ tales of time travel and alien invasion have enthralled generations.

His 1898, novel, The War of The Worlds, tells the story of an invasion from Mars and the ensuing conflict between the martians and mankind. Over the years, there have been many cinematic adaptations and a musical version of the book, but never has there been a fully illustrated coffee table book with classic scenes brought to life.

H.G. Wells: The War of the Worlds Illustrated is a 276 page hardback book that contains the original book text, expertly brought to life through a series of illustrations by artist, Adam Rufino. The book contains nearly 100 full-colour artworks. Also in the book is an introduction by science fiction author Adam Roberts, a large feature on the life and works of H.G. Wells and an interview with Adam Rufino which showcases his concept sketches from the books development.

Book specifications

276 pages. 297mm x 210mm, Lithographic print, Metallic silver ink, Hardback, Sewn binding, shrink wrapped.



Fabricante: Bitmap Books        Fecha de lanzamiento: 30/7/2019

Bitmap Books

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