Suburbia 5 Star

A partir de 8 años

90 minutos aprox.

De 1 a 5 jugadores



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Now that your town is up and running and is acting like a proper township, it's time to start growing even more rapidly by turning your borough into a tourist destination. Build landmarks, monuments, and tourist traps to increase your reputation and income while determining the player order each turn. In addition, the metropolitan area has expanded, allowing up to five players to build the city of their holiday dreams simultaneously.

Suburbia 5? adds fifty new unique building tiles, a new resource to manage (?s), and components for a fifth player to the Suburbia base game. The new ? system determines player order, provides bonuses and penalties to the most/least tourist-friendly towns, and even breaks ties for public and private goals.



Fabricante: Bezier Games        Fecha de lanzamiento: Agosto de 2015

Bezier Games

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