Shadows of Malice: Seekers of a Hidden Light

A partir de 14 años

120 - 360 minutos aprox.

De 1 a 8 jugadores


Shadows of Malice

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Seekers of a Hidden Light enriches the Shadows of Malice base game by offering additional opportunities, challenges, and flavor for players seeking an added layer of atmosphere and theme. Seekers of a Hidden Light introduces three new elements to Shadows of Malice: bait, quests, and Lux.

With bait, the avatars can more easily provoke out-of-lair encounters and influence the type of creatures they encounter... which is especially useful in accomplishing quests! Quests are specific gathering and slaying tasks of varying difficulty assigned to the avatars by Mystics and rewarded with soulshards, potions, and... Lux! With enough Lux, the avatars can commission powerful Lux Potions and have potent Lux Runes carved into their items. Armed with Lux Potions and Lux Runes, the avatars are superbly suited to dispatch the Stronghold Guardians, destroy the Shadows, and thwart Xulthûl's plans for world domination.



Fabricante: Devious Weasel Games        Fecha de lanzamiento: 2015


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