Empires: Age of Discovery

A partir de 10 años

50 - 150 minutos aprox.

De 2 a 6 jugadores



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Empires: Age of Discovery allows you to revisit the age of exploration and discovery. Take on the role of a colonial power seeking fame, glory, and riches in the New World. As you proceed through three ages, you launch expeditions of discovery, colonize regions, expand your merchant fleet, build capital buildings that give your nation distinct advantages, develop your economy, and (if necessary) declare war.

Empires: Age of Discovery is a reimplementation of Age of Empires III but without that name due to the expense of renewing the license from Microsoft. This edition includes the Empires: Builder Expansion along with its capital buildings; its National Advantage tiles have been built into the new player boards.


Componentes de juego:

  • A totally revised 20 page Rulebook
  • A 23” x 28” Game Board
  • 6 Player Boards -- approx. 11.5" by 7.5"
  • 2 Double-sided Colonist Dock Overlays -- approx 7.5" by 3.25"
  • 420 Miniatures (6 different figures--70 total--in each of 6 colors)
  • 10 plastic Ship Miniatures
  • 57 Capital Building Tiles (approx 2" by 1.5" -- 2.5mm thick)
  • 46 Trade Good Tiles (1" square -- 2.5mm thick)
  • A cloth bag with Eagle Games' logo from which to draw Trade Goods
  • 16 Discovery Counters/Tiles (1.5" square -- 2.5mm thick)
  • 16-Card Discovery Deck (2.5" by 3.5" cards)
  • 3 double-sided player reference guides -- approx. 11.5" x 7.5" x 1mm
  • 100 plastic replicas of gold and silver doubloons
  • A 7.5" by 11.5" 50 page (double-sided) score pad
  • A 7.5" by 11.5" scoring track
  • A custom-designed PVC glossy black insert tray
  • The box is approx. 15.5" by 12.5" by 4.0" & 3mm thick
  • New Artwork By: Cyril van der Haegen



Fabricante: Eagle-Gryphon        Fecha de lanzamiento: 15/11/2016


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