Commands & Colors: Napoleonics (Reprint)

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2 jugadores


Commands & Colors

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Commands & Colors: Napoleonics allows you to re-fight epic battles of the Napoleonic era. In this core volume, the focus is on the French and the British, two bitter rivals in the struggle for European preeminence during the time of Napoleon.

As with other games in the Commands & Colors genre, units in both armies can only move and fight when ordered. The command playing cards supply those orders, providing an element of luck that creates a fog of war and presents players with both challenges and opportunities. You must maximize your opportunities by playing your command cards judiciously. How well you handle the diverse units, their weapons, and the terrain, will determine victory.


Componentes de juego:

  • 1 Mounted Battlefield Gameboard
  • 4 Sheets containing 56 double-sided Terrain Tiles and 2 Infantry in Square tracks
  • 70 Command cards
  • 8 Battle dice
  • 6 Label sheets for French, British and Portuguese block and dice
  • 3 National Unit Reference Cards
  • 1 Rule Book
  • 1 Scenario Booklet containing 15 battle scenarios
  • 340 Blocks
  • 193 small dark blue, red and brown blocks for foot units (including 13 spare blocks)
  • 87 medium dark blue, red and brown blocks for cavalry (including 10 spare blocks)
  • 60 rectangular dark blue, red and brown blocks for leaders and artillery (including 12 spare blocks)



Fabricante: GMT Games        Fecha de lanzamiento: 04/05/2018


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