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Xia: Legends of a Drift System (Inglés)

A partir de 10 años

120 minutos aprox.

De 3 a 5 jugadores



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Xia: Legends of a Drift System is a 3-5 player sandbox style competitive space adventure. Each player starts as a lowly but hopeful captain of a small starship.

Players fly their ships about the system, completing a variety of missions, exploring new sectors and battling other ships. Navigating hazardous environments, players choose to mine, salvage, or trade valuable cargo. Captains vie with each other for Titles, riches, and most importantly Fame.

The most adaptive, risk taking, and creative players will excel. One captain will rise above the others, surpassing mortality by becoming Legend!

Customize: Each player begins the game by choosing and customizing a Tier 1 starship. Invest all your money in engines and be a rapid, yet fragile, explorer. Put all your credits into an uber missile and watch other players flee in terror. Get a small engine and save space and credits to invest in buying and selling cargo. Or create a well rounded ship, ready for anything. In Xia, the choice is always yours.

Adapt: The goal of Xia is to become the most famous captain. Completing missions, besting ships in combat, purchasing higher tier ships, selling Cargo Cubes and claiming Titles are all ways that players can earn Fame Points. The best pilots will adapt to their surroundings, making snap judgments and changing plans on-the-fly. If you can think on your feet, you'll do well in Xia!

Sandbox: The real fun of Xia is that each game will be different. There is no set direction of play, players may choose to be peaceful traders, fierce pirates, workers, miners, opportunists, etc. The game board is randomly laid out and explored each time you play.

Players might choose not to explore at all, creating a tiny arena for swift and deadly combat, or explore all 19 sectors and have a large play-scape to exploit. It's up to you!


Componentes de juego:

  • 96 Cards, Divided As Follows:
  • 52 Mission Cards
  • 18 Ability Cards (1 for each Player Ship)
  • 18 Title Cards
  • 5 How To Win Cards
  • 3 NPC Cards
  • 84 Outfits (7 each of the 3 Tiers for each Outfit type: Blaster, Engine, Missile and Shield)
  • 80 Orange Damage Markers
  • 75 Cargo Cubes (15 of each color)
  • 40 Metal Credit Tokens (30 Silver 1,000 cR Tokens, 10 Blue 5,000 cR Tokens)
  • 30 Colored Wooden Markers (6 of each player color)
  • 21 Sector Tiles (3 Asteroid, 3 Debris, 3 Gate, 3 Nebulae, 7 Planets, 1 Star, 1 Void)
  • 21 Exploration Tokens
  • 18 Player Miniatures & Flight Stands (6 Tier I, 6 Tier II, 6 Tier III)
  • 18 Ship Mats (1 for each Player Ship)
  • 7 Outlaw Tokens
  • 5 Impulse Tokens
  • 4 Dice (1 each of d6, d8, d12, and d20)
  • 3 NPC Miniatures & Flight Stands
  • 1 Rulebook
  • 1 Matte-Black Box Insert
  • 1 Clear, removable Box Insert
  • 1 Replication Token
  • 1 Fame Point Track
  • 1 Victory Marker



Fabricante: Far Off Games        Fecha de lanzamiento: 2014


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