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Endure the Stars

A partir de 13 años

30 - 180 minutos aprox.

1 - 6 jugadores


Endure the Stars

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Endure the Stars is a 1-6 player cooperative action survival game set on the planet-colonising ship, the N.W.E. Hikari. Players pick up the story one year into the Hikari's colonisation efforts and everything has fallen to ruin. Scientists aboard the ship were attempting to genetically engineer life forms to explore the planet below, unbeknownst to the ships general populace. But a series of tragedies lead to the truth being discovered and the ensuing chaos released the creatures from containment, where they rampaged through the ship, killing anyone they came across. Now the remaining crew live in small groups, salvaging whatever they can to survive.

Game overview

• In Endure the Stars, players take control of one or more survivors and attempt to complete missions by exploring the ruins of the once thriving ship. Players control 6 unique character classes, each with their own special abilities that can turn the tide of any game.

• Complete various missions as a standalone game or an overarching campaign

• Search the ruins of the once thriving ship for powerful weapons, items, helmets and armour

• You’re not the only thing still alive on the ship. The escaped genetic experiments, known as the GEPs, are lurking everywhere and if spotted will not stop hunting you

• The GEPs are controlled by the game itself and start each mission represented by radar tokens. You’ll not know what lurks under the token until you make visual contact, so you must be ready for anything

• One GEP stands more powerful and dangerous than all others, the fearsome Titan. Its actions are controlled by its own deck of cards, making it unpredictable, gargantuan and deadly. It will take everything you’ve got to bring this leviathan down

• The game tiles that represent the ship have been designed in a modular style, which allows for near limitless map sizes and set-ups. Games can last anywhere between 30 minutes to 3 hours depending on the chosen scenario and difficulty, so there's never an excuse not to play!

• The ship is in a constant state of decay and is prone to black outs, power failures and much more that affects how the game is played and causes you to constantly adapt


Componentes de juego:

  • • 6 unique character miniatures
  • • 30 Swarmer miniatures
  • • 20 Jaeger miniatures
  • • 20 Icarus miniatures
  • • 1 Titan miniature
  • • 1 Titan miniature
  • • 9 game tiles
  • • 6 character dashboards
  • • 8 dice
  • • 150 cards
  • • 86 tokens



Fabricante: Grimlord Games        Fecha de lanzamiento: 22/7/2017

Adam Smith

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