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Can't Stop: Rollin' Down the Highway

A partir de 8 años

30 minutos aprox.

2 - 4 jugadores


Can't Stop

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Can't Stop: Rollin' Down the Highway is an expansion for Can't Stop by George "Bud" Sauer and Jeff Horger that adds 72 tiles that are placed on the Can't Stop board before play starts. (You will need the base game of Can't Stop to play.) When a player stops the player checks their white markers and if there is a tile in the space they follow the rules to resolve the tile (including revealing any new tiles). The tiles have several different abilities including:

Interstate Markers - allows a player to adjust die roll once on a future turn
Traffic Hazards - forces player to make one more roll to win the spot in the column
Detour - causes player to move white marker left or right one column
Fast Lane - moves the players white marker one space up the column
Traffic Delay - causes player to move white marker one space down the column
Map - allows the player to use one additional white marker for next turn only
Roundabout - forces player to move their white marker one space up, down, left or right
Lost - forces player to use only two white markers on their next time



Fabricante: Eagle-Gryphon Games        Fecha de lanzamiento: 30/08/2018


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