Pandánte: Light & Dark

A partir de 13 años

30 minutos aprox.

2 - 6 jugadores



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Panda?nte is a gambling game played by the Pandas of the Pandalands. In this game, lying is encouraged (humans use the softer term “bluffing”). You’ll often have to claim you have a hand that you don’t really have. Be careful though, because other players can call you out for fun and profit.

Pandánte: Light & Dark expansion adds different Light and Dark Panda abilities to the base game for players who want fun and joy or misery and woe! The expansion also adds several extras that can be mixed and matched, including:

Casino Cards:
Each gambit, your group visits a new casino in the Pandalands. Each casino plays the game a little bit differently!

Panda Champions:
Each player takes on the role of a famous Panda. Choose Pandas however you want before the game starts and stick with your Panda throughout the game. Each Panda gives a different special power.

Diamond Dreams:
The blue diamond chips are power ups in this mode. Spend them wisely to get big boosts when you need it.

The Light & Dark abilities, Casinos, Panda Champions, and Diamond Dreams mode options give you 16 possible combinations of game modes. In addition to that, the 17th mode is a seriousface gambling mode. Are you Panda enough to risk real money



  • Casino cards and Panda Champion cards
  • Huge metal panda coin
  • Central betting board
  • 6 large ability reference cards
  • 12 challenge / no challenge tokens
  • Rulebook
  • Quick start leaflet (you can skip the rulebook entirely with this!)




Fabricante: Sirlin Games        Fecha de lanzamiento: 30/08/2018


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