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A partir de 10 años

30 - 60 minutos aprox.

3 - 10 jugadores



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Anyone may enter the battle of wombats, but the wombat always wins! You wouldn’t believe what a wombat will do for victory. Any obstacle is overcome for a real reward! How far would you go for glory?

In Wombattle, the players try to outdo each other in challenge after challenge. The winner of each trial will dispose of an obstacle. Whoever gets rid of all obstacles first will win and receive the Grand Prize. A special "Player's Choice" prize also goes to the person with the most votes for witty solutions.

Each round consist of four phases:

1. TRIAL The game master picks up and examines the current challenge card, then throws the throwing stone. This decides the category for this round (see later: Throwing stone). The game master has half a minute to come up with a Trial for the other players, one which is connected to the challenge card AND is of the current category. 2. BATTLE The players battle each other. They carry out the trial set by the game master in the last phase. 3. ANNOUNCEMENT OF RESULTS The game master ends the trial and announces the winner of the round, or a tie. The winner places one of his/her obstacle markers in a freely chosen hole on the throwing board that is of the corresponding category colour for this round’s trial. In case of a tie, if several players completed the trial equally well, or if all failed the trial, the person that yells out “Wombat” the quickest is considered the winner. 4. PLAYERS VOTE At the end of a round, if a player found a fellow player’s solution the wittiest, he may give that player 1 voting token from the common supply. Each person may only vote once in each round. Then game master does not vote, but can receive votes. If at least one player voted in the current round, then the game master receives a voting token for overseeing a pleasing round.



Fabricante: A-Games        Fecha de lanzamiento: 31/12/2018


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