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The Pursuit of Happiness: Community

A partir de 12 años

60 - 90 minutos aprox.

1 - 5 jugadores


The Pursuit of Happiness

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They say no man is an island. We live within communities where we get to interact with other people, engage in various activities, have new experiences and be part of something bigger. The people around us shape who we are and in turn, we shape their lives through our behaviour. The actions we take, allow us to become more popular, or slide us into obscurity. How will the community around us affect our constant pursuit for happiness?

The Pursuit of Happiness: Community expansion introduces the concept of the local community. Community cards, a new type of cards, allow you to engage in various community events and choose their outcome, with a new board included on which to place the new cards and keep track of your Popularity score. More Projects, Items, Activites, Jobs, Partners, Life Goals and Child Traits are also included to enhance your game experience, as well as enough material for a 5th player to join your games.


Componentes de juego:

  • 1 Game Board (placed below the main game board)
  • 5 Meeples and 5 Cubes (one in each player color, including the new 5th Player)
  • 90 cards (the new Community Cards, plus more Projects, Items, Partners, etc)
  • PLUS all components required for a 5th player in a 5th color (gray).



Fabricante: Artipia Games        Fecha de lanzamiento: 24/01/2018


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