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DC Comics Dice Masters: War of Light Collector's Box

A partir de 14 años

15 minutos aprox.

2 jugadores


DC Comics

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DC Comics Dice Masters: War of Light is a collectible dice-building tabletop game designed by Quarriors! creators Michael Elliott and Eric M. Lang.

In this game, each player fields one of the superhero teams, with each hero — Batman, Wonder Woman, Hal Jordan, Mogo, Superboy Prime, Sinestro and more — being represented by custom-tooled dice; each team must be composed of 15 dice, and a player can "purchase" dice only from his team. Each hero also has one or more character reference cards, which show the special abilities for the characters based on the die rolls. Different versions of these cards are available in booster packs, allowing for more customization of your team. Players use these dice to collect energy, recruit new heroes, and battle head-to-head. In addition, each player brings two basic action cards to the game, which are placed in the center of the table; both players can purchase these cards. A player wins once the opposing player has been reduced to zero life.

DC Comics Dice Masters: War of Light debuts both the Teen Titans and new Lantern Corps never before seen in Dice Masters! With gameplay that supports two players in epic dice battles, DC Comics Dice Masters: War of Light lets players build their own team of heroes or villains!



Fabricante: Wizkids        Fecha de lanzamiento: Agosto de 2015


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