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Neuroshima Hex: Steel Police

A partir de 10 años

30 minutos aprox.

De 2 a 4 jugadores



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The Steel Police are a wandering brigade of fanatics who want to ensure that the law is respected. They are equipped with a new experimental power armor. This armor is equipped with many cybernetic enhancements that increase the organism’s abilities, but at what cost?

Steel Police officers will automatically repond to anything they consider a threat. They often appear out of nowhere and try to restore order in the middle of a battlefield. They are rutheless in their application of the law and many year for the days where chaos and anarchy ruled…

The Steel Police army introduces a new ability : Reflection. This ability protects army units from all form of attacks directed at it’s side marked with the Reflection icon. A such attack will instead reflect back on the attacking unit.



Fabricante: Z-Man Games        Fecha de lanzamiento: 29/11/2013

Z-Man Games

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